The Horsedrawn

A book about modern horse drawn travellers


The Horsedrawn

[This page is a sample of my work in progress book ‘The Horsedrawn’]

From the highlands of Scotland, through the UK Midlands, down to Devon and across Wales, you can find people who have left their houses to take up an alternative lifestyle. This can be anything from living out of tents and cars to building mud huts and raising an off grid farm. This book, which concentrates on the Delaney family, is about those very few who live with horses, dogs and other animals, in traditional ‘Gypsy’ Vardo wagons.

Resisting such terms as ‘Alternative’ and ‘New-Age’, this community call themselves ‘Horsedrawn’.

‘Piod’ Pete Askham

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Often called mentor or ?, Pete Askem was by all accounts a great man. He could be seen on the Piod, where his hand build hut was, round the fire playing his Mandolin.

He would often teach people how to live horse-drawn and was himself the first person to bring a Vardo to stonehenge (?check this fact?).

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The Delaney Family

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In the Midlands, for the past few years moving between Reditch and Gaden,