Testing Stratford-upon-Avon Documentary

Living with history, Life in historic Stratford-upon-Avon


Living with History

Life in historic Stratford-upon-Avon

The Birthplace

The Birthplace

It feels right to have the birth of my project about life in this historic town be connected with the place where THE playwright, the person who has moulded this town, was born. I love the absence of people to concentrate on the place itself, but there’s the discarded cup just below the house, retaining and bringing in the life aspect of the project.



Colourful and eccentric, this is a living museum with a historical resident to thank.

With a concentrated mix of theatre, in both plays and reality; with anything from confrontation between local buisness and the now out of town market though new controversial developments springing up all over the town and to the many eclectic events, it is vibrant and alive.

Services take place at the working church of Holy Trinity, where Shakespeare is buried. Two, historical themselves, organisations thrive off keeping and performing the man’s legacy.