Living Differently Main Selection

(This series is in progress. As such - words and images are subject to drastic change)

With the world becoming more and more structured, Living Differently is a series documenting people that live close to or outside the machine of modern society.

The Delany Family

A family living in traditional horse drawn wagons, with Pete at the head. Pete left an apprenticeship with a car bodywork building company in Birmingham to hitchhike with no purpose 'till he found festivals and a family to raise. 


With the world becoming more and more structured, Living Differently is a series, currently in its early stages, documenting people that choose to leave and live close to or outside the machine of modern society.
Part 1 follows the Delany family, a family of horse drawn travelers with no family history of that way of life. Pete was doing an apprenticeship at a car bodywork building company where became depressed. He booked a few weeks holiday and hitchhiked, leaving behind the job and a life. He was part of the Punk movement - he went to festivals and lived in old, falling-apart vehicles, for which he was constantly stopped by the police on the road. He raised a family on the road and his second son and second daughter are still traveling in wagons of their own. Pete is a signwriter and paints wagons.
I have yet to finish this part as I need to photograph the children, who are traveling on their own, for the first time away from Pete and Racheal. I also have to photograph the 'Beltane Bash' which is Pete's festival.



Friends of Pete

Cruzy and Wilf, friends of Pete and his children travel in their own wagons. They, like Judah-Pete's 2nd son, carve animals and mushrooms with power tools, which they had only been doing for a few months when I met them.


Captain Jack

11-12 years ago he returned from a live at sea with the merchant navy and felt 'ordered about by society' so he left and now lives on canal towpaths and cycle routes. Staying near but not in towns and always on his bike.


Benedictine Monks

A monk leaves behind aspects of his live, as does a Nun, to get as close to god as possible. It's now rare for someone to start to become a Monk so their numbers are dwindling.

I am focussing on the dwindling monastic life in Britain, before it has disappeared completely. Monks are seldom talked about today but they are still there, leading their lives according to the teachings of St. Benedict and others.
I am concentrating on Benedictines because St. Benedict's personal story would be perfect for my project. Sent to Italy's capital, Rome, to begin learning in his early 20s, St. Benedict left The Church as he didn't agree with how they were living. He went to Enfide and became a self-sustaining hermit of sorts until others joined him to listen to his teachings/interpretation of 'the word of God'. He lived around 500AD so it's not exactly possible to document him. However, the Benedictine monks and nuns still incorporate a little of his life in their own, so along with documenting monastic life in general, I'll document their growing their own food and, in some cases, brewing their own beverages.
This part of the project is very early on in its development and as a result the images, only from one very short tour, are not as I would like them to be. I plan to visit many monasteries and Abbeys around the UK, including Stanbrook in Yorkshire.