Living Differently

Living Differently

Living Differently is a series documenting people that live close to or outside the machine of modern society.

(In progress)

He told me he used to be in the merchant navy. He talked about getting malaria while working in Africa with a charity and about jumping overboard, saving a Chinese crewman who had unclipped his safety line and fell, hitting his head rendering him unconscious, into the sea. I saw him seven times, each time in the same place. I didn't ask his name. He said he really didn't like how ordered about by society he felt when he retired from the merchant navy. "I put the keys through the letterbox and went".

Cruzy and Wilf - Traveling Woodsmen

Most people I've talked to on the street have not wanted to be there. This is Ollie Beard and his friends, Ollie is a currently unemployed Chef.