Living Differently


Living Differently

(This series is in progress)

With the world becoming more and more structured, Living Differently is a series documenting people that live close to or outside the machine of modern society.


Captin Jack

He travels around, living from his bike.

He told me he used to be in the merchant navy. He talked about getting malaria while working in Africa with a charity and about jumping overboard, saving a Chinese crewman who had unclipped his safety line to reach further while painting the hull and fell, hitting his head-rendering him unconscious, into the sea. He said he goes to Poole a lot because it's the 2nd biggest port in the world. He talked about putting his head lamp on and catching lobsters in a cave for dinner while in Poole.

I didn't want to know his name, I though this was apt due to his reason for living like this. He said he really didn't like how ordered about by society he felt when he retired from the merchant navy. "I put the keys through the letterbox and went".

When I was cycling up the canal towards his camp, I was suddenly struck by the idea that I could leave everything behind and live as he does.

Me: "Do you like sailing by yourself?" Jack: "Yeah...." "....I've got this ability of holding the tiller, dosing off all the time"

He has been doing this for "11 or 12 years"

Cruzy and Wilf - Traveling Woodsmen

A simple idea done with skill. They find a place out of the way but where people will see them; a place where their horses can eat and they can find fallen trees, or buy them, to carve animals and objects from them. They create a sort of shop window and sell them all before moving on as the horses can only carry so much weight.

They only started living this way a few months before I met them.

Crazy and Wilf know each other but are not traveling together. Like many people who live this way, they met on the road and decided to set up camp together. Crazy went off home to make a wagon roof for a paying acquaintance while Wilf stayed there for a day or two longer, completing work ordered by a well-off local pre-school.

Extras - other people I have met while creating this project

Most people I've talked to on the street have not wanted to be there. This is Ollie Beard and his friends, Ollie is a currently unemployed Chef.

He uses a lighter with a working flint and another containing fluid. His foster brother, who is himself a foster child, is a businessman and brought his a shirt from London.

Cyril meets Jack.

Cyril Bennis from Swan Rescuer just dropped off a dead Swan at the local vets and Captain Jack came round the corner. They had met before: Cyril borrowed Jack's bike tire pump by TESCO. Jack had forgotten this but Cyril reminded him.