Alternative Horse-Drawn Travellers

Alternative Horse-Drawn Travellers


Working title, might become ‘Britain’s Horse Drawn Travellers’ or similar

From the highlands of Scotland, through the UK Midlands and across to Wales, you can find people who have left their houses to take up an alternative lifestyle. This can be anything between living out of tents and cars to building mud huts and raising an off grid farm. This series is about those very few who live with horses, and other animals, in traditional ‘Gypsy’ wagons.


Midlands - The Delaney Family

For the past 1 1/2 years I’ve been with the Delaney family.

Pete, who is very well known in the alternative living community, has been one the road with his family of 4 for 20? years now. He lives with Rachael and the children Bryony and Judah have just this past year moved on by themselves in their own wagons (all built by Pete). Since then Judah has helped Stephanie, who he is with, build a waggon and has bought a new waggon for himself that they think was painted by famous wagon painter Yorke Greenwood.

Everyone in the family has a manual art; Pete builds and paints wagons, Racheal paints all sorts of things using ‘Barge Art’, Bryony is learning to paint wagons with her father and Judah uses a chainsaw to carve animals, he is becoming known for his owls.

Most of the time is spent traveling from park-up to park-up waiting to travel to one of the important yearly events. In Spring they all run the Beltane Bash festival, a traditional traveller festival that sees al sorts of alternative lifestyles. In Summer they run their It’s Not The End Of The World festival and then pick apples at a farm they have come to be regulars at. At Christmas, Solstice for them, they all go to Redditch to make and sell Holly Wreathes beside the Cemetery. In the Summer they pick apples.


Midlands - Cruzy and Wilf



Luke was brought up horse-drawn on the road by his mother.


Newcastle Upon Tyne-Pixie Holly

At the far end of a fruit farm, in an unused field, is Pixie and her two children. She is in the process of going horsedrawn


‘Piod’ Pete ????

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